Wednesday, 22 August 2012

OUAT Interview - Jayleen Weaver

What is your story about?
A family of penguins who suffer a tragedy, and have to band together to make things right.

Where did you get your ideas and inspiration for your story?
From an old folk tale I think it was called “The wolf and the Seven Little Kids”. I just prefer black and white animals to ones with colour, so adapted it to an Antarctic tale.

Concept art By Jayleen Weaver

What made you decide to do a story for Gurukitty Studios anthology project?
Well, being one half of Gurukitty Studios, it seems like it’s an obligation for me to participate… However, I love doing short stories and the anthology compilations we do are really just so we can publish our short stories right away, ha!

What other comics have you done? Tell us about them.
I’ve done a story called “One Day to Live” that was a life story of a fly, I collaborated with Donut and Bevan to create the “Ghosts in the Capitol” story for the Ghost tales anthology.
I’m working on 2 comics right now, “Conflagration” – which is years away but will have some chapter as web comics and some as print only. My big focus now has been “Hello, Albertosaurus”, which is a Graphic novel Memoir of the time we went to Drumheller Alberta with our Dad. It’s 8 chapters, full colour (coloured with markers). You can actually have a cameo in it if you get one of the Indiegogo perks! Check it out!
Other anthologies I’ve been in are Ink’d Well comics “fearsome fables” and Cloudscapes “Giants of main street”
I also have a few other short comics in the midst. 

Where else can people find your work? Are you included in any other publications or a website?

I participated in a childrens book called “a world of stories” as an illustrator, I did animation for several companies in Vancouver for shows like “Bobs and Lolo –get on your feet” dvd, and Class of the Titans TV series. I’ve also done other freelance animation for numerous other companies. You might also see my logo designs on a law firm and a hotdog stand in the city, as well J
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