Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Site!

We have just finished updating the site to a new layout and new way of doing things.
We are stuck in the 90's when it comes to web design and we thought it was time we started using a content management system and clean up some of the old useless content.
So bare with us as we clean up and add redirects on all the old pages. if you notice anything amiss please do let us know!

Also, we are raising money to get our butts to Calgary Expo! We have an indieGOGO campaign and there are lots of nifty prizes and perks for donaters.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fund Raising for Calgary Expo

We are taking a big leap in our Comic Convention adventures. This time we're diving into Calgary Expo. We've heard great things from other people who've attended the Expo, and we're really excited to take our comics there! By the time the expo is here we should have ghost tales and maybe even Hello Albertosaurus at least available for Pre-order! Excite!
Now there is a small issue of funding. It costs a lot to travel these days. especially by plane and with lots of Luggage. To sell for 3 days, thats a Lot of merchandise. We need 2 plane tickets, hotels, and other costs. We live rather simple lives so we don't need much. Please take a look at our campaign below:

It would be really amazing if you could help us by donating some money, or even just promoting it for us! If you have Twitter, facebook, google+, Tumblr, blogs, or websites or anything (your dA journal for example)! if you could just promote our cause, and get the word out we'd be forever in your debt!

We have a campaign goal we're trying to meet.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mini Comi

Today we were at Mini Comi at UBC and it was pretty nifty!
We had a full table, and even that seems too small sometimes because we have so much stuff!
Prints and little captured ghosts were the hot items at this convention for us.
A closer look at our table with our prints in our new portfolios and our last remaining stock of little captured ghosts.

The Market was an odd mix of crafters, comic artists and cosplayers which worked well for us as we had lots of cute little trinkets.

It was disappointing, as always, to see how many people were making a profit off of other peoples characters, concepts and ideas (I'm referring to the sale of fanart), which is usually rampant to festivals with a large anime fan group, unfourtunately. Which is why we usually avoid them and stick to small press shows.
We even heard a couple girls (who kept coming back and admiring our table) say how much she loved our books but didn't buy them because she "didn't know who the characters were."
Very disappointing but gladly that wasn't the attitude of everyone as we had quite a successful venture.

I think the staff of MiniComi did a really great job putting it all together.

We are going to try and get some better ideas for displaying our stuff more upright and visual, everything laying flat sucks beans.

Mini Comi table Next time we're getting display boards! woo hoo!

The next cone we have is in Heritage Hall on August 28, it's Comix and Stories, a small press convention!
We are going to test out some new display ideas!
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bad Kitties - Web comic

So today is the day I'm launching a web comic! YAY!
Its called Bad Kitties, and its based around random scenarios that our kitties torment us!
 So I'm not entirely set on the timing for this, but it won't be weekly I don't think. Maybe Bi-Weekly. I'll see how much interest there is (that means the more enthusiastic you are, the more you see).
 I'm trying to still work on Hello, Albertosaurus, and we have many conventions and stuff so time is tight, but I'll do my best for this :D
Additionally, some days there will be 1 page, some will be 5 pages. Whatever is needed for the Gag, But each blog post with comic will be a complete gag. They'll be inked traditionally and coloured digitally, but simply! well, you'll see :)
So this is going to be Blog only content! I won't be posting these comics ANYWHERE ELSE! so it's in your best interest to follow this blog if you want my random insane kitty comics! You can follow with Google Friend Connect, or add it to an RSS feed!

So here we are, Issue one of Bad Kitties!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ghost Tales Update

<p>With the Ghost Tales Deadline less than a month away the submissions are staring to march in!</p>
<p>There is still plenty of time to submit an entry. Please only small web sized pages for the review process, we will request print ready files if you are accepted.

If you are planning to submit to the antholgy we strongly reccomend you join this mailing list:

It will inform the artist on the behind the scenes info and releases ect. If you are just interested in the process, feel free to join as well.

We will be sending out artists agreements soon to artists who have already been accepted.
You will know you are accepted because you will recieve the email with the contract.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Summer Fest 2011

Summer fest was better than we thought :> We did pretty well at our gigantic table!  We intro'd some new items at this convention, one of them being the custom Moleskine notebooks we've been putting off making for a long while, then finally did do them!
There was tons and tons of cosplay of course, and lots of people milling around. the big hits at this one were the ghosts! Everyone loves the ghosts!
It poured rain all day, cleared up for the even kinda, then poured on the way home, but its was so damp peoples art was curling on the cork boards, and our little moleskines and comics were all wrinkly with the damp. even when we got home the damp was in everything. Not fond of that at all! But still, overall GREAT!

 so here are a couple photos of the day! I didn't take many cuz I just had my phone.
Kitty at the table watching the books curl from the fog.

Kitty Checking out the neighbors

Darth Vader and sailor Moon doing that Carmella Dansen on the stage.

Guru eye view from our table.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Tommorrow at Vancouver Comicccon we will be launching new products! Moma (The Bachelors and the Python) and Ghost (Ghost Tales) keychains! (they will also be at Summer fest and Minicomi)
Also we have a new pile of buttons for sale as well!
So cute! Here's a little production photo of the Moma charms!
it'll also be a good chance to come and talk to us about the anthology if you had questions or ideas to share with us. 

Available as cell charms and keychains

We have our Table Number for Mini Comi, it is F3.
If you are interested in a floor plan for that convention you can see that in a Journal post by Nyurt.
It also shows where the other members of DeviantArt will be situated.

A more recent convention, that has tables available still if you are looking to sell some stuff is Summer Fest!
That is happening this saturday at SFU. We will hopefully be showing off our new table banner at this show.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

prepping for Con times

My Cat is flopped over my shoulder right now, HAHA!
We're Preparing for convention season! We have 3 conventions this month (check out our calendar)! We have Vancouver Comic Con this Sunday (July 10th) and Kitty will be in attendance at this one, then we have Summer Fest the following Saturday. This is the first time we're attending Summer Fest so we're not sure what to expect! You can RSVP to this event on Facebook.
Then we have the MiniComic coming up on the 27th which we are really excited for! Our friend MyntKat will be there too!
We're preparing for them all! I spent all day yesterday finding new merchandising stuff for our tables, and I think we have a much better system for displaying our little charms!
We're also going to be launching some new stuff related to Ghost Tales, and If we're really really lucky, we'll have our table banner in time for at least 2 of the cons! I don't think we'll have it for VCC.

We're also confirmed for a table at Comix and Stories! This ones August 28th!  We're going to be at C&S with Donut! That should be interesting.

Well, back to work! I just wanted to drop in and say Hi, and let you know what's been going on!
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