Friday, 2 September 2011

Ghost Tales Cover - Public Vote

Ghost Tales is nearing completion and so we need to decide on a cover. We have some submissions sent to us by contributing artists that we are going to allow the public to vote on.

We ask that you please vote for the one that you think would make the best cover for a Ghost Story Anthology and not just because you or your friend drew it.

This cover is going to be the face of this book for it's lifetime and it needs to be something that people will see on a convention table and want to pick up and look through and hopefully buy!

So without further ado, here are the candidates:
There is a poll at the bottom to cast your vote, please note that these poll results will be combined with other online and offline poll results.

Option 1 

Option 2
This cover has a wrap around  (Back and front)
Option 3

Option 4

Voting has ended, these poll results will be combined with other online poll results and offline polling. The Official Ghost Tales cover will be announced soon.

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