Friday, 24 August 2012

OUAT Artist Interview -Table Flip Studios

What is your story about?

(Aileen) It’s about a very well-known fairy or forest nymph in Philippine Mythology. There are actually quite a lot of versions/stories about her and she is well-loved by many. 

(Lindsy) There were some versions where Maria was actually kidnapping men and forcing them to be her husband. We were mostly drawn to this version we used for the Anthology because it showed a little more of Philippine history.

Where did you get your ideas and inspiration for your story?

(Aileen) I first heard about this story from my great grandmother. She likes to tell me about all sorts of stories she heard from her parents when she was growing up. I don’t think it ever bore me!  

(Lindsy) Art wise, it was mostly experimental. I did look to Veral Brosgol and Emily Carroll for influence and it was fun trying to translate my usual American-manga style into something more streamlined! 

What made you decide to do a story for Gurukitty Studios anthology project?

(Aileen) The first time we did a story for Gurukitty Studios was for the Ghost Tales anthology. Lindsy saw a retweet with the info and we decided to check it out. And the rest is history! For this anthology, we felt that we should submit as well since we actually like working with them! 

(Lindsy) Ghost Tales was an enormous joy to work on and it really pushed Aileen and I to properly work as a team since it was pretty much our first proper project together. We were very determined to work with Gurukitty Studios since our last experience was amazing and we all got along so well!

What other comics have you done? Tell us about them.
(Aileen) We have an on-going webcomic series :EPOCH Files (

(Lindsy) Aside from our sci-fi webcomic, we’ve done work for other anthologies and have been working closely on other projects that we’re super excited about!

Where else can people find your work? Are you included in any other publications or a website?

(Aileen) My blogger, has all the links of my side projects, on-going & future comic projects Lindsy & I are working on. 
As for other publications, we are published on the Indie Ladies’ Comic Anthology and Ink’d Well Comics this year and Gurukitty’s Ghost Tales Anthology last year. 

(Lindsy) I’ve pretty much left a small digital footprint on a lot of sites, but I frequent more to my DeviantART ( and my blog (

How did you come up with your cover design?
(Lindsy) Unlike the previous cover I made for Ghost Tales, this cover didn’t come to me in a stroke of inspiration. I had to search and look up different book covers and come up with concepts for days. I know I wanted to give it a kind of ‘classic’ look, but had no idea where to start. Working in a library definitely played a big part. We have a lot of books that are fairy tale-esque and I remember running into a few cover designs that struck me as perfect for the anthology.

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