Monday, 20 August 2012

OUAT Artists Interview Reetta Linjama

What is your story about?

A crooked rich guy and an arrogant monster, both getting their comeuppance from a hero they underestimate. It's a folk tale peppered with slapstick violence and a matter-of-fact take on so called monsters.

Where did you get your ideas and inspiration for your story?

"The Evil Boyar's Farmhand" is adapted from a Mari-El folk tale. Technically the Mari-El live in Russia, but their language is one of the Fenno-Ugric languages, a close relative of my native Finnish. As the starting point for the visuals I used Finnish scenery, old traditional Finnish clothing etc. I've made a few changes to the plot and characters, both for the story flow's sake and so I could draw stuff that I enjoy -- like snow. I'm also quite influenced by Eurocomics and classic gag cartoons.

What made you decide to do a story for Gurukitty Studios anthology project?

Mostly that the theme of the anthology meant I could adapt a tale rather than write a comic from scratch. I'm slowly venturing into writing my own comics, but I feel better about a gentle start. And, well, I know Guru&Kitty in real life, and I knew they're not just talk ;)

What other comics have you done? Tell us about them.

I'd been making one-page comics for my own amusement before, but my comics-making hobby really took off after joining Cloudscape Comics, when I started collaborating with writers. I'm interested in drawing all kinds of comics, but my own writing skills lean towards humour and cute gags right now, like my first self-scripted comic "Revenge of The Ghost Spider" in the 2011 Gurukitty anthology "Ghost Tales" shows.

Where else can people find your work? Are you included in any other publications or a website?
I have a website, including links to most of my profiles around social media. So far I've been in the Cloudscape anthologies "21 Journeys" and "Giants of Main Street", and Gurukitty's "Ghost Tales"
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