Sunday, 29 August 2010

Comix and stories FINITO!

So It's over. We attended Comix and stories, and it was great. We talked with lots of other nice convention goers and sold some of our stuff. The best part was all the glowing praise we got! so many people said our work was great that it was really nice to hear! That was the best part - to hear that people are impressed by our work.
Well, with that wrapped up we do indeed have some left over merchandise we'll likely clear out in the shop or as free draws on the blog here.
Some of you will be delighted to know, we have some Tiks in bottles left over.
People who expressed an interest in them before the con will be contacted first, to see if you still want them, otherwise we'll be placing them for sale on the shop or Etsy. Keep your peepers open for that!

Lots of people recognized us from the internet too, which was fantastic! 

Without further ADO - heres the photos! Check out our cute price signs :p
View from our Table.

Tik cell charms

Bookmarks! really wonderful!

Big box o' buttons

Button packs

Tiks, and pendants!

Kitty at our table when we set it up.


Table all freshly setup

Our prints

Guru Drawing up a storm after we changed the table arrangement. Hint: Laying comics flat works better! HAHA

The comics!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Tomorrow 11am - 5pm 3102 Main street!

Tomorrow from 11am to 5pm we will be selling our wares at Comix and stories!
It's at heritage hall in Vancouver.
 You can get there by getting off the skytrain at main street- science world station and then take the main street bus up to 15th avenue! It's a quick trip!
This is your only opportunity to get the coveted, and much anticipated Tik's in a Bottle.
Watch this blog for a Post convention give away!
See you at the Con!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Tik Production - behind the scenes

We've been ploughing away creating tons of unique Tiks for sale at the upcoming comics and stories convention!
We've got around 30 Tiks freshly varnished and each ones painted in a unique way. While there are a few that have similar colours (because they've been popular) or similar spots, each one is completely unique hand painted and completely adorable!

Here's some production shots!
Black Tik, and 2 metallic coloured Tiks.

Dark Blue and ABC tik! 

Tik Display! This will be at the comicon!

Fire Tik and Drip Tik! So cute!

Lilac Tik is hanging to dry!

A row of the previous Batch of Tiks

The drying rack I made out of balsa and dowels. It holds 90 tiks! I made it so that they would dry without touching so no flat spots!
Hope to see you at the Comic convention this weekend!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Daqueran and his wife

Here is a special bonus content for you bloggers. This is a quick sketch of a character design of Daquerans wife from when he (and she) was alive. I have her skin, eye and hair colours in mind but I haven't done any colour examples of her yet, though she has been the subject of many sketches.

I have some name choices for her on the image there, in order of which ones I like best. I wouldn't mind knowing which name you like best of the four listed.

She most likely doesn't appear in the comic much, if at all, she's there for my own character developing purposes. I'm visual and I needed a visual representation of Daquerans past.

So what do you think of her? Which name do you like the best?

Also a reminder, we will be doing some giveaways of comics, artwork, and products from the GK shop at random to commenter's and followers of this blog as soon as we've generated some readers. So if you want to get in on that, get commenting and following now because the first giveaway is going to be a rare item!
We will announce what the item is before we select winners, so you'll have a chance to get in on them.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Convention appearance: Comix and Stories

Welcome to the Gurukitty Studios New blog!
We've created this bog as a way for you to easily follow comic updates, events/appearances, Projects, new products and sales.

We will also be doing prize giveaways and events to random commentors and other fun things like that.

For our first announcement, we will be Exhibiting at the Comix and Stories convention in Vancouver.

Sunday, Aug 29th, 11-5pmHeritage Hall
3102 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

We will be have special limited edition Products like the long awaited Tik in a bottle. Only a very limited supply of those.
Also some special one of a kind hand painted TIK cellphone charms in all kinds of wacky patterns!

Hope to see you all there!

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