Saturday, 28 April 2012

Calgary Expo day 2

day 2 had a slow start but it picked up later one. It was crowded and sometimes the line ups for things were so long you had to walk for 5 minutes to see what they were lining up for.
At one point the fire marshall prevented them from letting more expo attendees into the building, and i guess people are pretty pissed off about it.

Now, there are a few things that irk me about this convention. We choose the economy booth because it looked like it was going to be an area we would fit in at. the map said "artist alley, small press, non profit" so we know the artist alley was separate from the booths, so we assumed that the small press and non profit would also be split up. Not the case. actually I didn't see non profit at all in the area, and I felt like we were the only ones that qualified as small press in our row. John is a film maker beside us, which sort of works, but then to the other side of us is 2 people selling old comics, in comic boxes - not small press at all, or non profit. the other stuff in the area is small time retailers and sort of "miscellaneous" booths, nd worst of all, most of them re fanart!!!! I felt a bit foolish thinking that we would be surrounded with others like us - with original ideas and personal projects to promote. I know fanart dominates these shows (despite LEGAL issues conventions blatantly ignore) but we thought by having a booth in an area called small press we would at least see less of it. We are very disappointed in the table area/set up of our booth. If we get a table next year we are only going to go for Artist Alley.

I found some copic artists and distributed fist bumps accordingly.

So, thats that. tomorrow is the last day, then right after we jump on the 15 hour bus trip with Beth, home again.
After we rest a bit we ill update our shop with some of the left over stock, so watch for it. Some new stuff coming along :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

Calgary expo day 1

Well, today was our first day at Calgary Expo. It was ok. We didn't break any records today but we did have a phenomenal amount of people teling us they thougt our artwork was amazing and that they really liked our stuff. A nice young lady said she really loved ojr copic tutorials online and that was nice. The compliments from the atendees are really nice, and its really nice to have a new audience.

Heres some photos of the con, and beth wagner at her table, hee

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Calgary Expo

Today we're getting on the bus to Calgary Expo!
Last weekend was Vancouver FanExpo and while it was not what some people thought, I thought it was fantastic.
It was Vancouver's very first large scale convention, and it was a surprisingly good turn out. about Noon they were turning people away because they were at max capacity on Saturday but if you waited they were letting people in again at 2ish.
I think it was deliberately kept small to test out, because they say that next year will be double the size. incidentally we've pre- registered for 2013, and so... see you there :p

We're excited about Calgary Expo! We have a Booth instead of a table in artist alley, which is the first time we've been out of the alley.
While we're gone the main place we will be updating is our Facebook Page, so head over there and "like" us to get all the news and updates.
Well it's time to get ready, toodle roo :D

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fan Expo Vancouver

WOW, today was awesome! It was day 1 at Fan Expo Vancouver, ad we did pretty well. We got a ton of compliments on our displays, sold some ghost tales, and some prints and stuff. It's always so satisfying when someone says they "can't walk away from this" when they purchase your art work. Having someone like your stuff that much is indescribable. It makes you feel valuable. <3

We post as much as we can on our facebook page, so you can see a lot of photos there.

We're pretty tired now, and have another full day tomorrow so keep an eye on our facebook for updates, and if you're heading to FanExpo tomorrow, come say HI to us! <3

Next weekend we will be in Calgary for Calgary Expo, so if you're there, come visit too!!!!!! AHHH busy!
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