Monday, 8 October 2012

New Items at the GK Shop

We have added a few new items in the Gurukitty Studios online store!
Here is a quick overview of some of the new things for this fall!

Previously only available in person at Conventions, we've now added the Daqueran New Reader Pack back into the shop.
This pack includes all available issues of Daqueran (1-6) and will be updated when the last chapter becomes available.

It's a steal at $25.00 (value of all 6 comics by themselves totals $32.50)

This has been a very popular convention item so there isn't much stock available at the moment. If online interest grows we will consider carrying more volume.

Check it out in the shop

Next new addition is the Giants of Mainstreet Anthology by Cloudscape. Why is this in our shop you ask? Well, because Jayleen (Guru of Gurukitty Studios) contributed a creature for the Bestiary that was included in the book.

It is 152 Black and White pages, with art and stories contributed by Vancouver area artists.

Check it out in the shop.

Last and certainly not least, we've added a Pre-Order for Gurukitty Studios Second Anthology Once Upon a Time... Right now it is only a pre-order, books will ship when Available. When the books are in stock, this same link will become the store link for regular stock.

The pre-order is for the standard cover only, if you wanted the Variant cover, you missed your chance as that was only available in the Indiegogo campaign.

The Variant cover will be available again, someday, but only on special occasions.

Pre-Order your copy right now!
ETA: Winter 2012

See samples and more information

If we blast a little farther back you'll notice that we've added some digital comics to our online shop. Right now it's only a few Daqueran issues, which you can download and read on your Tablet.
Digital comics are not as easy to make as you might think and we've been working on Digital copies for future issues as well as getting the Anthologies available for digital download.
Soon soon. All in good time.
We've tested our digital comics on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets.

Alright! Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Readers, and Happy fall!

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