Monday, 18 April 2011

Close ups and Behind the scenes


a quick note to say that we will be at Vancouver Comiccon again on May 15th and the Tiks in a bottle will be back in stock in time for that con. We ran out of them last convention which was a little embarrassing but we've been busy making tiny tik sculptures and mixing and dying resin and popping it all into tiny little bottles.

Also, Chapter 5 has just been shipped to us and if the comic faeries are with us, they might arrive in time for the May 15th Comiccon! Please note that Chapter 5 is not part of the Daqueran Clearance sale, only 1-4 are.

Also, Chapter 6 is the final Chapter of Daqueran. Sad I know, but We need to move on and get more projects on the go.

I thought I'd show you some close up shots of some panels in Daqueran. You don't really get to see all the details in the hard copy comics and especially not on the web.
So I thought this might interest some of you watercolour lovers.

Just click the image to get a larger view.

Sorry for the watermarks, but you know how the internet is...

This is the page as a whole before it's scanned and gutters and text are added. All the panels below are part of this page. 

I put lots of time into this panel.  I think it turned out pretty snazzy, it was much better after I added the pink into the whites.

Typical Daqueran grumpy face, but he looks cute. 

Iada's a spaz.

I likes the inking on her profile, unfourtunatly lots of it got covered when the background was added.

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