Saturday, 16 July 2011

Summer Fest 2011

Summer fest was better than we thought :> We did pretty well at our gigantic table!  We intro'd some new items at this convention, one of them being the custom Moleskine notebooks we've been putting off making for a long while, then finally did do them!
There was tons and tons of cosplay of course, and lots of people milling around. the big hits at this one were the ghosts! Everyone loves the ghosts!
It poured rain all day, cleared up for the even kinda, then poured on the way home, but its was so damp peoples art was curling on the cork boards, and our little moleskines and comics were all wrinkly with the damp. even when we got home the damp was in everything. Not fond of that at all! But still, overall GREAT!

 so here are a couple photos of the day! I didn't take many cuz I just had my phone.
Kitty at the table watching the books curl from the fog.

Kitty Checking out the neighbors

Darth Vader and sailor Moon doing that Carmella Dansen on the stage.

Guru eye view from our table.

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