Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mini Comi

Today we were at Mini Comi at UBC and it was pretty nifty!
We had a full table, and even that seems too small sometimes because we have so much stuff!
Prints and little captured ghosts were the hot items at this convention for us.
A closer look at our table with our prints in our new portfolios and our last remaining stock of little captured ghosts.

The Market was an odd mix of crafters, comic artists and cosplayers which worked well for us as we had lots of cute little trinkets.

It was disappointing, as always, to see how many people were making a profit off of other peoples characters, concepts and ideas (I'm referring to the sale of fanart), which is usually rampant to festivals with a large anime fan group, unfourtunately. Which is why we usually avoid them and stick to small press shows.
We even heard a couple girls (who kept coming back and admiring our table) say how much she loved our books but didn't buy them because she "didn't know who the characters were."
Very disappointing but gladly that wasn't the attitude of everyone as we had quite a successful venture.

I think the staff of MiniComi did a really great job putting it all together.

We are going to try and get some better ideas for displaying our stuff more upright and visual, everything laying flat sucks beans.

Mini Comi table Next time we're getting display boards! woo hoo!

The next cone we have is in Heritage Hall on August 28, it's Comix and Stories, a small press convention!
We are going to test out some new display ideas!
Hope to see you there!

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