Tuesday, 5 July 2011

prepping for Con times

My Cat is flopped over my shoulder right now, HAHA!
We're Preparing for convention season! We have 3 conventions this month (check out our calendar)! We have Vancouver Comic Con this Sunday (July 10th) and Kitty will be in attendance at this one, then we have Summer Fest the following Saturday. This is the first time we're attending Summer Fest so we're not sure what to expect! You can RSVP to this event on Facebook.
Then we have the MiniComic coming up on the 27th which we are really excited for! Our friend MyntKat will be there too!
We're preparing for them all! I spent all day yesterday finding new merchandising stuff for our tables, and I think we have a much better system for displaying our little charms!
We're also going to be launching some new stuff related to Ghost Tales, and If we're really really lucky, we'll have our table banner in time for at least 2 of the cons! I don't think we'll have it for VCC.

We're also confirmed for a table at Comix and Stories! This ones August 28th!  We're going to be at C&S with Donut! That should be interesting.

Well, back to work! I just wanted to drop in and say Hi, and let you know what's been going on!
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