Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bad Kitties - Web comic

So today is the day I'm launching a web comic! YAY!
Its called Bad Kitties, and its based around random scenarios that our kitties torment us!
 So I'm not entirely set on the timing for this, but it won't be weekly I don't think. Maybe Bi-Weekly. I'll see how much interest there is (that means the more enthusiastic you are, the more you see).
 I'm trying to still work on Hello, Albertosaurus, and we have many conventions and stuff so time is tight, but I'll do my best for this :D
Additionally, some days there will be 1 page, some will be 5 pages. Whatever is needed for the Gag, But each blog post with comic will be a complete gag. They'll be inked traditionally and coloured digitally, but simply! well, you'll see :)
So this is going to be Blog only content! I won't be posting these comics ANYWHERE ELSE! so it's in your best interest to follow this blog if you want my random insane kitty comics! You can follow with Google Friend Connect, or add it to an RSS feed!

So here we are, Issue one of Bad Kitties!

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