Sunday, 14 November 2010

Vancouver Comiccon Nov 2010

A quick note: There wont be a Daqueran page this week because of the convention.

Well, Vancouver Comiccon is over. We had severely reduced prices because we are trying to clear out some of our overstock from the FanFairFest debacle. Some people were quite surprised at how low I was selling for, but I just have so much, and with Chapter 5 complete, I think it's time to make Daqueran into it's first trade paperback, dont you?
I'll still release the little floppy #5 for those of you collecting, but trade paperbacks are just better for conventions.

So our new product for this convention was the adorable notebooks from the last post, we have several different cover designs and they did quite well actually. We sold a lot of buttons, some comics and several prints. All in all it was quite successful, actually better than Comix and Stories, but I think that mostly has to do with the fact that we got our table much earlier this year.

I'll post a poll on the side of the blog to see what the next con's (January) new product should be.

This photo was taken near the end of the convention, so most of the notebooks are gone, but we'll make more.  It was just me at the table so I couldn't take pictures really.

Our table at Vancouver Comiccon, Nov 2010
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