Friday, 31 May 2013

VanCAF and anthologies!

If you guys didn't get a chance to go to VANCAF this year, you are missing out! It is by far our favorite Vancouver area convention, the vibe is spot on and it's full of original creators! We spend so much of the day talking with other enthusiastic creators and would-be creators and they all seem to have a good attitude and community spirit! Also because it is free to attend, you get to see new faces each time and the flow of customers for exhibitors is constantly refreshing.

If you didn't check it out this year, be sure to come next year, you wont regret it!

In other news, submissions have begun coming in for the Science Fiction Anthology. If you haven't already started, I suggest you get on with it, because the deadline is still July 31, 13.
This anthology still doesn't have a name, but we will see what the majority of the submissions are before we name it because if we name it something spacey and we get mostly biological experiment type stories, then that wouldn't make sense.
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