Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summer of fun!

<p>We have two conventions coming up in July. First being July 7th at UBC, Minicomi. The next day we have Vancouver Comicon at Heritage hall!<br>
Busy weekend of fun! Hopefully we will see you at one or the other.</p>
<p>We have also added art galleries to our website (finally) and are working on getting digital comics in our shop. </p>
<p>You can see we already have 3 issues of Daqueran available for download.<br>
We are working on digital copies of Ghost Tales, but it being a much larger book its proven more difficult.</p>
<p>If anyone trys these digital books, please let us know how they work. We have tested them on Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and they worked pretty well.</p>
<p>Once Upon a Time is working pretty well, we are a bit behind schedule but that is due to thing's beyond our control.

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