Monday, 5 September 2011

Ghost Tales is Complete!

Finally, after a lot of work (and a lot of patience) Ghost Tales is at the printers right now!

The results of the polls (various online and offline) for the cover was that Option #2 will be the cover!
It is a wrap around too, which is nice! We really like this cover, and we think it will serve us well!
So, Thank you L.M. Silva for this amazing cover!
Thanks also to everyone who submitted one!
Cover Art by L.M. Silva

So,whats going to happen next? Well we have to wait for our hardcopy proof to arrive, we will go over it, and make sure everything looks good and then we will be doing the orders for the free copies all the artists get and all pre-orders!

If you want to be first to get a copy then pre-ordering is the way to do it. Pre-ordering is actually quite important, as they help up pay for the printing costs involved.
If you'd like to pre-order, now is the time!  All pre-orders will be signed by Gurukitty Studios owners Jeri and Jayleen Weaver
Pre- Order now:

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