Monday, 13 June 2011

Confirmed Conventions

We've been really pulling it together Convention wise lately and we are registered and confirmed/paid for 4 conventions up coming, with several more looking really likely (meaning, we are waiting to send payment etc.) So here it is, the list in order by date

July 10: Vancouver Comic Con. ($4 admission or a kid friendly comic book donation)
July 16: Summer Fest at SFU
July 23: Mini Comi (Free admission!)
Sept 30 - Oct 3: Vcon

Clearly July is a busy month for us. All of these conventions are in the greater Vancouver area. We're planning on having some unique items for these conventions.
If you'll direct your attention to the top of the blog underneath the header you will see a little ribbon linking to a Calendar page. There is a google Calendar with our convention appearance Schedule. There are also direct links for you to bookmark them or even import them into your own google calendar and keep track of where we will be! Pretty swanky Eh?

Newsletter: We've got a newsletter but it only comes out every 6 months. we clearly have too much information to pack into that much time, so we're going to switch to a quarterly newsletter. Didn't know we had a newsletter?! well... go on and Sign up for our free newsletter! (its even got a mobile version)
Well, that's the news!
Hope you're excited! We sure are!

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