Thursday, 21 October 2010

Custom Button Giveaway winners!

I've just left to go pick up our button machine!
We managed to get it a little sooner than expected, which is exciting!

So without further Ado, the winners

Post #6 - justlyjoking
Post #5 - Lucky's Luna
Post #7 - eminomise
Post #8 - Joumana
Post #2 - Hanako Fairhall

So winners, what must you do now?
Well, first you need to Contact us by email: (we wont be tracking you down, everyones on different sites and we aren't going to make accounts on different sites just to contact you, you want them, come get them)
and give us your mailing address where you would like us to mail your completed buttons to.

Next you will need to download the New and improved Gk Button template and add your artwork to it.

There are instructions on the template, but if you are having troubles, just let us know and we might be able to help you out in setting up your files.

Once you've added your artwork, delete the template layer, flatten
the image and email it to the above email address in the next 2 weeks. If you don't send us your files by Nov 6th, your prize will expire and I will draw a new winner in your place! So don't delay!

We will be creating and mailing away these buttons ASAP, as we are pretty excited to get using it.

If you are in love with your free buttons, we hope you will consider using our custom button service when it becomes available on the GK shop.

And for those sceptical nellies out there, here are the screencaps of the random number generator we used to pick the winners.

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