Monday, 23 August 2010

Tik Production - behind the scenes

We've been ploughing away creating tons of unique Tiks for sale at the upcoming comics and stories convention!
We've got around 30 Tiks freshly varnished and each ones painted in a unique way. While there are a few that have similar colours (because they've been popular) or similar spots, each one is completely unique hand painted and completely adorable!

Here's some production shots!
Black Tik, and 2 metallic coloured Tiks.

Dark Blue and ABC tik! 

Tik Display! This will be at the comicon!

Fire Tik and Drip Tik! So cute!

Lilac Tik is hanging to dry!

A row of the previous Batch of Tiks

The drying rack I made out of balsa and dowels. It holds 90 tiks! I made it so that they would dry without touching so no flat spots!
Hope to see you at the Comic convention this weekend!
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