Friday, 8 March 2013

A new Season

Well, this year started off very slowly and hectically. From January until now we've been so busy that we've barely had a chance to do anything.
We moved both our home and Studio in the beginning of February (I wont even go into details about how long and hard that was and how much went wrong) and 1 week after that move, we had to help the art store we work at move.
As you can imagine, that was a thoroughly exhausting month.

We've finally settled down and got most everything unpacked and we can start being Gurukitty's again!

Top of our priority is to get the remainder of the Indiegogo mail outs done. They were delayed because of issues with the printing, and we actually only got them all a few weeks ago, mid-move. So we are getting all those prints made and envelopes labeled and books signed and we will be mailing them out as fast as we possibly can!

This new anthology was actually a huge success, I haven't crunched the number yet really, but I'm sure we've sold more of this one than we have of Ghost Tales and we haven't even launched it at a convention yet.

Speaking of conventions, we are going to be at Fanexpo Vancouver in April, as well as Calgary expo the weekend after and that's going to be the start of our convention year. We are not going to be at at many cons this year, we are taking the most successful ones of last year and only doing them. 2012 was the year we saw for ourselves what conventions work for us, and now we will be more choosy.

Our next anthology is going to be announced very very soon (hopefully today) as soon as I've edited and worked on the write up a bit more and made some final decisions.

So, that's whats been happening and whats coming up!
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