Thursday, 30 December 2010

Comiccon Time again

The 2011 Comiccon dates are out and we have a table for the January 16th Comiccon.
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

First Day of Winter Contest

It's the first day of winter!
We wanted to celebrate our favorite season with a fun contest.
Before we begin, let me taunt you with the prizes

First Prize
Daqueran issues 1-4 in print
a Gurukitty studios blank notebook
An assortment of Gurukitty Studios Buttons
A Tik cellphone charm
A random 8X10 print
A random Sketchcard
A feature in our Gurukitty Studios Blog
(If chosen as a winner, you will need to submit your mailing address to receive your prizes)

Second Prize (number of submissions permitting)
Daqueran 1-4 in print
A Tik cellphone charm
A random Sketchcard
A random 4X6 Print
A sub feature on the Gurukitty blog
(If chosen as a winner, you will need to submit your mailing address to receive your prizes)

The contest Theme is obviously WINTER!
What you need to do is create a winter themed image that includes any  Gurukitty Studios Characters from any of our Projects (See below for list).

No copyrighted images, must be all your own artwork/writing
Can be any artistic medium, visual, poetry, prose, script...
You may submit up to 3 entries, but you can only win once
All entries must be posted By Jan 21st 2011
Artwork will be judged by the Gurukitty Studios crew

How to submit:
Add your image to this blog, using the "add your link" button on the application below

Some projects have more information available than others. For example, conflagration has a lot of character info, but no stories available yet, and Daqueran has a lot of story but not many character profiles. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in a comment on this bog post.

Conflagration [Characters | Information]
Daqueran [Characters | Information]
Hello, Albertosaurus [Information | more info]
The Bachelors and the Python [Information]

Monday, 6 December 2010

Copic classes

In early 2011 I (Guru) will be starting Online Copic marker classes on the CDAC. I will strive to make them universally applicable to all purposes not just illustration or crafting. They will be entertaining, stimulating and informative, and I think they're a pretty unique angle for markers.
For the most part classes will be affordable, 1 month long, have at least 1 assignment, free digital images, and a give away at the end of the class. you will receive a completion badge for your blog or website as well.

If you think you'll be interested in the classes please feel free to fill out this short form to be informed when enrolment begins.
You will not be emailed for anything but Copic classes hosted by myself.

Please help me by spreading the word to your friends for me, I'd really appreciate it!
I'll be cross posting this to all my blogs, so I apologize if anyone watches more than one blog, you'll be bombarded. 
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