Monday, 27 September 2010

Updates, and a give away!

Here's some updates for Gurukitty! We're pretty excited for all this! Mainly Comic updates!

 3 New comics

Hello Albertosaurus
By Guruubii
This is a graphic novel memoir of a trip Kitty and I took to Alberta with our Dad one spring. We had many adventures. It will be a perfect bound graphic novel.
You can see the progress and more information on my art blog Animated Guru.
This project will begin production in November-January.
For purchase only - conventions and Online shop.

The Bachelors and the Python
By Kitty
a Graphic novel based on an african legend. - stay tuned for more on that. A few teasers are coming your way soon!
For purchase only - conventions and Online shop.

Hermi The hermit crab
By Kitty
Kitty is doing a mini comic for sale at cons that will be printed on marker paper so you can colour it with markers.
For purchase only - conventions and Online shop.

Other Updates
In other news, Conflagration is being re-envisioned. Animation Is an incredibly expensive, long and technical process. A feature length film is a monstrous undertaking and We're trying to come up with ideas of making this project and multi media project to lessen the amount of animation involved to get the project moving faster, with more stuff to post to show everyone.

The Shop!
We've added a new category to the shop - Digi stamps
This is for the crafters! They're small illustrations you purchase as an alternative to rubber stamps. They're great because they're scalable, unique, and editable unlike rubber stamps! I've mostly got packs for sale, but as time goes on there will be more single stamps.

FREE Give away!

Give away!
Everyone who comments on this blog will be put in a draw to win one free Tik in a bottle necklace!
All you have to do is comment, and we will use a random number generator to draw the prize winner.
You have until Sept 30th to comment! Prize will be drawn October 1!


Drawing winner SOON!

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