Monday, 30 January 2012

Guru: Temporarily open for commissions

Animated Guru: Temporarily open for commissions: Guru is temporarily opening up commissions to raise funds to pay for Convention Tables and for ordering Product. please check it out :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Comic Creators for Freedom + FanExpo Vancouver

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead
Wednesday, January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. To participate, we formed the Comic Creators for Freedom– a group of over 100 comic book creators who volunteered our artistic talents to raise money and awareness for this cause. You may not know it, but there are currently 27 million enslaved people worldwide- more than double the number of enslaved Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children every year are sold into slavery, most of it sexual. The US Department of Justice estimates 16,000 victims of human trafficking are brought into the United States every year. Unlike slavery in the past, what is happening today is happening in secret. It won’t end until awareness is raised, and people like you and me take a stand.
So here’s what we did: each creator contributed an original drawing of one of our own female characters, and combined them into a single wallpaper image! The wallpaper features characters from all over the web, including Girls with Slingshots, The Dreamland Chronicles, Kukuburi, Earthsong Saga, Looking for Group, Love and Capes, The Dreamer, and tons more! Donate today to download this unique, once-in-a-lifetime wallpaper. 
The Donations Drive will last for two weeks, from Monday January 9th – 20th. All proceeds will be split evenly between Love 146 and Gracehaven House- two organizations working on rehabilitation of victims and prevention of this crime.
To learn more about the CCA visit www.comiccreatorsforfreedom. To learn more about the problem, visit (Note: contains adult themes and actual accounts of sex slavery.)
On another note, Vancouver is getting it's first big comic convention, FanExpo Vancouver!
This convention will be taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia (where we are) on April 21-22, the weekend right before Calgary Expo.
We plan to exhibit at BOTH, yes that's right! It is going to be one HELLUVA crazy week for us, and we will be exhausted but it's going to be awesome too because if you live in Vancouver, you know that we have needed a nice big con for a LONG time. 
Have a look at our side widget for all of out 2012 convention appearances!
Hope to see you at one or all of them!
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